Barnadine Music


Q. How do I play your songs while browsing?
A. On most modern web browsers, you should see a play button beside each song on the main page. Click the button to listen online. You may have to wait a few moments for the song to start if you have a slow internet connection.

Q. The play button isn't working for me. Why?
A. Some versions of Internet Explorer seem to have a grudge against the HTML5 audio streamer I use. I'm looking into this, but using a different browser should fix the problem (and improve your general experience of the internet). If you're having this problem with a sane, non-IE browser, please send me details.

Q. How do I download a song to listen to it later?
A. On the main page, look for the 'download mp3 or ogg' links. On most browsers, you just right-click on the format you want and choose 'Save As'. For songs no longer on the main page, the song title acts as the download link.

Q. What's an 'ogg'?
A. Ogg Vorbis is, like mp3, a way to compress music files down to a size that can be easily shared. Unlike mp3, Ogg Vorbis is an open, non-proprietary format, and arguably provides better quality compression. Ogg Vorbis is not yet as widely compatible as mp3, so check your music player. It may require you to download a free codec to play ogg files. My older songs are mostly in mp3 format, but for newer songs I'll generally be offering both formats.

Q. I'm having other problems with your website. Help.
A. This website is tested primarily on Firefox, but should display correctly on most modern browsers. If you're having problems, or the site looks wonky, drop me a line and I'll try to fix it.

Q. Who is your webhost?
A. DreamHost. If you're looking for cheap web space, the discount code BARNCODE will give you a $50 discount on your first year's hosting, and will help defray my own web hosting fees.

Thanks to:
- Brian Hadaway for Ubaplayer, which I've adapted and used on the main page.