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A vaguely complete list of older material available on this site.
(Some creaky old songs have been retired to conserve server space, but are still available on request.)

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She Already Knows
Nov 2009. Rats and orphans? Must be a love song. (2.1mb)

Sleep My Cares Dissolve
Sept 2009. Aping John Dowland, Elizabethan composer and lutenist. Lyrics (2.4mb)

The Rapture
July 2009. It's coming. Apparently. (2.3mb)

Call Off The Funeral
July 2009. Quick fuzz pop sketch. (2.2mb)

Talkin' Barnadine Blues
June 2009. Scrupulously autobiographical. (2.4mb)

Spin the Bottle
April 2009. Scat-singing folk-pop nonsense. (3mb)

April 2009. Indie pop. Hums and harmonicas. A bit rough around the edges. (2.7mb)

Little New Year
Jan 2009. Break out the champagne. Lyrics. (1.8mb)


November 1859
Nov 2008. Charles Darwin: one of my favourite 19th-century bearded English naturalists. (3.5mb)

The Fool
Jun 2008. Finally, an excuse to play the wobbleboard. Lyrics. (1.6mb)

Never Alone
Jan 2008. A quickie. Rough. About as close as I get to rock and/or roll. Lyrics. (2.1mb)


Old Man Internet
Dec 2007. Yep, he just keeps rolling along. Lyrics. (1.8mb)

13 Words for Snow
Nov 2007. A dose of folk pop, in rough demo form. (2.5mb)

Oct 2007. Simple, pattern-based instrumental. (1.5mb)

You Will Rise
Oct 2007. Third collaboration with Danish friend respirator. Need I add?: good stuff. (8mb)

Ixox versus Knockman
Sept 2007. Paying homage to two friends the only way I know how: shameless parody and outrageous accents. (1.8mb)

Markleford Is Waiting
July 2007. All your problems solved. (1.8mb)

Get On Board
June 2007. Go on. You might as well. Lyrics. (1.8mb)

Yellow and Green
May 2007. Simple acoustic pop song. Lyrics. (2.5mb)

Peppermint Glade
April 2007. Beatboxing ghost love ballad. Lyrics. (1.8mb)

The Wind and the Tide
Mar 2007. A collaboration with talented Frenchman (and flautist) Ixox. More details here. (4mb)

Invocation of the Prog Lord
March 2007. A tiny prog opera (with dwarves). Deeply serious. Lyrics. (1.8mb)

Pedlar & Son
Jan 2007. A little instrumental about nothing in particular. (1.6mb)


Little Machines
Dec 2006. Shiny pop collaboration with everyone's favourite three letters, utm.

Seed Draft
Oct 2006. A collaboration with the weird and wonderful wildchurch, who walks among us as 'knockman'. Lyrics. (7mb)

Oct 2006. Cheerful butchery of a Renaissance dance style. (1.7mb)

The Clearing
Sept 2006. Reflecting on Australian history. Lyrics. (1.8mb)

Leaves in the Wind
Aug 2006. Piano ballad. Lyrics. (2mb)

July 2006. Chopin does the boogie woogie. (1.8mb)

Jun 2006. A second collaboration with the inimitable respirator. Good stuff again. (10mb)

June 2006. Gandhi: lord of the smackdown. Lyrics. (1.6mb)

April 2006. An acoustic song in 5/4. Lyrics. (1.7mb)

Umma Eyrt
Jan 2006. Martian folk, apparently. (1.6mb)


Inadequate Human Beings
Nov 2005. Cheesy lo-fi novelty-song extravaganza. (1.4mb)

I don't think these are my legs...
Nov 2005. A Halloween mash-up. (940kb)

City Swing
Oct 2005. A collaboration with the talented Dane respirator. Good stuff. (4mb)

Sept 2005. A tiny requiem. Lyrics. (2.6mb)

Un Homme de Grâce
Aug 2005. French version of A Man of Grace, translated by Wopelka. Details. (1.9mb)

Walk Light
Aug 2005. Sparse, maudlin folk music. (3.6mb)

A (Not) Very Cellular Song
Aug 2005. The return of the Incredible String Band. With pirate singalong! (1.64mb)

A Man of Grace
July 2005. Probably some kind of tango. Lyrics. (1.84mb)

Love Strikes
June 2005. Wholesome pop music. Lyrics. (1.82mb)

String Trio
May 2005. Genuine fake chamber music. (1.82mb)

It Might As Well Be Spring
April 2005. Autumn backmasking fever. A Dick Haymes cover. (1.82mb)

For Keeps
March 2005. Mellow number for voice and guitar. (1.75mb)

Feb 2005. A homage to a convenient euphemism. Lyrics. (1.56mb)

Jan 2005. Odd but perky. (2.95mb)


Comfort and Joy
Dec 2004. Merry Bleakmas. Lyrics. (1.82mb)

Best of Jill Hives
Nov 2004. John Peel Tribute. A Guided By Voices cover. (1.5mb)

Oct 2004. Made out of various odds and ends. (1.82mb)

Sept 2004. All sounds produced by my digestive tract. Not for the delicate. (1.32mb)

Aug 2004. A quiet little song. (1.82mb)

July 2004. 'Metel' again. Singing in bad German again. Lyrics. (1.82mb)

New Injuns
May 2004. At last, a cowboy song. (May contain irony.) (1.4mb)

Jan 2004. The Chase contest. (910k)


Head Like a Hole
Dec 2003. The Covers contest. I did Nine Inch Nails. (1.82mb)

Nov 2003. Kind of blues. (1.03mb)

Oct 2003. The Loops contest. (1.27mb)

Oct 2003. The Pink & Scary contest. (890k)

April 2003. Mellow on the piano. (950k)

The Clowns Come At Night
March 2003. Grisly circus music. (1.4mb)

March 2003. Interesting cross-rhythms. (920k)

Molly Ringwald
Feb 2003. The Eighties contest. (1.03mb)

Feb 2003. The Hip-Hop contest. (1.06mb)

Jan 2003. The 'Most Metel' contest. I went all German. Lyrics here. (980k)

Seasick Lullaby
Jan 2003. A demo tune for Tobybear's SickSynth. (1mb)


Dec 2002. Celebrating shark season. Turn it up. (870k)

It Blows
Nov 2002. The Covers contest. I chose Dylan. Sorry Bob. (910k)

Sept 2002. Sub-woofer recommended. (910k)

Aug 2002. Well, it starts out well-behaved... (650k)

Aug 2002. Clanky. (2.2mb)

July 2002. Walking bass, mysterious piano, and something scuttling in between. (720k)

June 2002. Exploring sound textures. Bleeps and chugs. Dark momentum. (690k)

Strangely Peaceful
April 2002. Sleepy sort of heart-warming shanty-type thing. Ah yeah, that's the ticket. (760k)