Barnadine Music


Feb 2015. A tiny French duet with Joanne Gabriel. Formidable.

Roll On
Feb 2015. Lovely song by Phil Norman with some bits by me.

Foolproof Heart
Feb 2015. Country harmonising with the sweet-voiced Tara Craig.

I've a Boat
Feb 2015. Dropping a line with virtual fishing buddy Scott O. Clamp.

Fly to the Sun
Feb 2015. Pulling an Icarus with the high-flying Elaine DiMasi.

Lend Me Your Ears
Feb 2014. Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Joanne Gabriel.

Feb 2014. The second of my two collaborations with the talented Joanne Gabriel. This one's a little dark and moody.

Forever Starts Today
Feb 2014. A little tango with lyrics by scholar and gentleman Scott O. Clamp.

Rise, You Tower of Babel
Feb 2014. Phil Norman spins gold out of my lyrical straw.

Kill the Butterfly
Feb 2013. Teaming up with the gifted Ad Follett. Keep an eye on that man.

Get Digging
Feb 2013. I finally got around to collaborating with pop maestro oddbod. Hooray.

The Great Beyond
Feb 2013. FAWM's no fun without Phil Norman.

Feb 2013. A chance to sing with the stately Fort Elmfield.

Pass the Blame
Feb 2012. Sharing blame with wise man Songsville.

In the Static
March 2011. A simple duet with the abundantly talented Expendable Friend. (5.5mb)

Come On Home
Feb 2011. My third collaboration with golden-throated comrade Phil Norman.

Beautiful Hell
Feb 2011. Lyrics by the gently rocking Scott O. Clamp. (4.3mb)

Wrong Way Up
Feb 2010. Another FAWM, another opportunity to collaborate with great people. Here I team with renaissance man Scott O. Clamp for a dose of melancholy pop. (4.3mb)

Sally My Love / Sally You Fool
Feb 2010. And a mini-hoedown in two parts with the right honourable Phil Norman.

Thistle and Crown
Feb 2009. This FAWM, the multi-talented Phil Norman joined me for a sort of morbid Irish ukulele drinking song. (6.6mb)

O Pretty Maid
Feb 2009. Young toffs a-wooing. Operetta pastiche, with a lovely performance by The Mad, Grand Ampersand as the female toff. (2.5mb)

The Generals
May 2008. In the wake of Cyclone Nargis, a collaboration with gifted musician and fellow Aussie Simon Watson, of the Brisbane band Ecliptic. (1.8mb)

You Will Rise
Oct 2007. Third collaboration with Danish friend respirator. Need I add?: good stuff. (8mb)

The Wind and the Tide
Mar 2007. A collaboration with talented Frenchman (and flautist) Ixox. (4mb)

Little Machines
Dec 2006. Shiny pop collaboration with everyone's favourite three letters, utm.

Un Homme de Grâce
Dec 2006. An old favourite with a new vocal by Daniel Pompougnac.

Seed Draft
Oct 2006. A collaboration with the weird and wonderful wildchurch, who walks among us as 'knockman'. Lyrics. (7mb)

Jun 2006. A second collaboration with the inimitable respirator. Good stuff again. (10mb)

City Swing
Oct 2005. A collaboration with the talented Dane respirator. Good stuff. (4mb)

Un Homme de Grâce
Aug 2005. Thanks to Wopelka, 'A Man of Grace' goes French.