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Old Man Internet

i've been around the internet
i've seen the way it works
your homophobes, misogynists
your good old-fashioned jerks

i guess i hoped for something more
i guess i always will
thank you, net, for showing me
how small and petty we can be
when cloaked in anonymity

i signed up to myspace
la la la la la la
caps lock key

and i signed up to facebook
la la la la la la
same old crap
yap yap yap
the social network fad

i am currently online but no-one knows it
i have 1500 friends but no-one shows it

when all of human life is gone
the soul of man will linger on:
an insincere emoticon

i hate you all
i hate you all
how deeply sad to see
you're all as flawed as me
i hate you all

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words & music copyright © 2002-2008.