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The Seed
Seed Draft
Crop Rotation for Beginners

(a collaboration with knockman/wildchurch)

budding petals swell where the birthing kettle cries
farmer's hoe cuts wide the field to greet the morning sky
the aching soil
the inner coil

up on high a comet's flame ignites the sky around
tracing down a furrow as the comet hits the ground
the blinding light
the thunderstrike

when you sow the seed

from the ground a dusty plume to choke away the sun
burn the blood from out my veins, the air from out my lungs
an end to life
the plough and knife

winter mantle closes over cracked and barren land
star within the soil, the sky within the sand
the dying age
the empty page

will you sow the seed?

the wheel of life
the turn of tide
the soil and the sky
o now return me

the wheel of life (all that we take on)
the turn of tide (o now return me)
the soil and the sky (all that we take on)
o now return me (o now return me)

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words & music copyright © 2002-2008.